STAGE TWO: 690/701 'Hop Up Kit' LeoVince Evo2 Muffler & Twin-Air Filter/Cage

STAGE TWO: 690/701 'Hop Up Kit' LeoVince Evo2 Muffler & Twin-Air Filter/Cage


All large capacity single cylinder motors need to breathe and they benefit more than most from a less restrictive intake and exhaust system. We also understand that not everyone wants to spend north of £1k to release the power from their bike.


So this is where our CRT Perfomance Parts Stage Two Hop Up Kit comes in with a combo deal of this quality LeoVince SBK Evo 2 stainless steel (Inox) and carbon fibre slip-on silencer for your KTM690/Husqvarna 701. Matched to this less restrictive muffler is a (reuseable) Twin-Air dual layer foam airfilter and cage which matched to the pipe allows the motor to breathe much more easily and once the ECU has been mapped to suit will bless the 690/701 with noticeble gains in performance.


Twin-Air have been providing off-road filtaration for decades of World Champions, they have put this hard won knowedge into this amazing value 690/701 foam filter and cage.

Italian manufacturers LeoVince needs no introduction to bike race fans. This stainless muffler gives a sonorous sound, increased performance and race design without breaking the bank. This silencer is homologated to EURO-3 only for KTM 690 & Husqvarna 701 (2008-2016) models however from 2017-on versions although it will fit it's not approved for street use.


NOTE: Although the bike's ECU will compensate for these easy mods it can only alter fueling/ignition to a limited degree. Exact torque and BHP gains are dependent on correct ECU mapping, we don't advise using this kit without a dyno run and ECU 'Flash' by a reputable dealer. However further ultimate gains are achieved through upgrading the stock electronics package to run inconjunction with a DynoJet Power Commader V.


CAUTION: May not be street legal in some countries on some model year versions. Its the owner's responsibility to ensure they comply with local traffic legislation.

  • Parts Fitting & Set UP

    We recommend these parts be fitted by a competent/professional mechanical technician using correct tools & procedures working to OEM standards. CRT Performance Parts can take no responsibility for any incorrect fitting or installation of these parts.

    CRT Performance Parts advise that after fitting these Hop Up parts, to get the bike's ECU fuel/ignition set up on a rolling road dynometer by a reputable dealer before use. We can not accept responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect fitting and set up of these components. 

    If in doubt leave it to the professionals, be safe and enjoy your ride.

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    Returns: The customer is responsible for cost of return shipping and depending on resasons for return will be either be refunded or offered replacement parts or credit.

    Any unwanted goods must be returned within 14 days, undamaged/unused and in original packaging.

    The performance parts we sell are for off-road competition use and as such limited warranties apply.

  • Tech Details

    LeoVince SBK Stainless Evo 2 Silencer: This LeoVince silencer perfectly combines the classic style elements of this traditional Italian manufacturer with the 'touch' of the modern.  The shell is fabricated from a sandblasted (Inox) stainless steel oval section tubing, which resembles a distinctive and elegant 'titanium look' at a much cheaper price.

    The slim, oval cross-section with the angular end cap is constucted using the TIG process for maximum strength . The asymmetric carbon end cap is made entirely of heat resistant composite materials and therefore extremely resistant to high temperatures carbon and has an aggressive sporty shape. Stainless steel is also used at the frame mount of the muffler which features a removable baffle and can be retro fitted with an optional 50mm Catalytic Converter (£113).

    Twin-Air Dual Foam Filter Kit: Recently introduced is a Twin-Air filteration kit for KTM 690 and Husqvarna 701 models which allows the motor to breathe more easily  whilst offering ultimate protection from dust and debris. The Twin-Air 690/701 kit features a two piece filter cage and dual foam filter element which when requires servicing can easily be removed, cleaned and re-oiled using regular over the counter products. 

  • OEM Warranty

    Please be advised, fitting of these non OEM approved parts may invalidate your bike's warranty terms & conditions. Consult your dealer for further details.

    CRT Performance Parts take no responsibility for any loss of vehicle warranty or damage caused by incorrect fitting and set up of any parts sold for Off-Road use only.